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Every Dime, Every Day

In this video series you will learn how to work smart and not just hard with money and to set effective short and long range financial goals. Learn how best to break out your income into percentages to reach your goals while investigating investment types. You will get clear action steps regarding the stages of money in your life and what to be looking for based on your age. This course will help you identify potential risks to your retirement and supply you with the steps to avoid them.


Kevin Frisbie

As an experienced financial professional, Kevin believes in the holistic approach to retirement planning. Through education, business background and personal experience, Kevin has garnered a broad base of knowledge which enables him to provide advice and directions.

Financial Advisor & Entrepreneur

What People Are Saying

“Proven! Practical! Possible!

Every Dime Every Day is not theory. Kevin has earned the right to offer solid financial tactics and strategies because he has lived and flourished because of them. At times scary, at times simple, the earlier in your life you read this book and apply the ‘straight-talk- no-short- cuts’ advice offered here, the more prosperous your future will be.

Regardless of your age, follow Kevin’s advice: take a hard, honest look at where you are financially right now, and compare it to where you would like to be in the future. If that picture is unsettling, be brave and start NOW!”

Dave Stearns,
President of Dale Carnegie Maine

Kevin brings his personal story to life in his riveting book, Every Dime, Every Day. Having witnessed first-hand Kevin’s ascension from shift work in manufacturing to becoming an elite member of the Top of the Table with MDRT and our organization, I’ve watched him take advice and lessons from experts, mentors, and leaders from around the country. 

With this book, Kevin has incorporated their messages with tales from his own life, and crafted an absolute must read. I feel blessed to have been along with him on his journey. 


Raymond Vallee Jr.
President, Combined Benefits United

As host of the nationally syndicated FINANCIAL SAFARI RADIO SHOW for the past 13 years, my number one objective has always been to educate the consumer on the advantages and disadvantages of all the financial products and strategies in the financial world today. It isn’t easy to keep track of what’s out there and distinguish between an ideal financial fit and a horrific financial recipe for catastrophe.

Kevin Frisbie’s book is a financial masterpiece and will awaken any reader’s financial taste buds in the same fashion that Sir Isaac Newton, Christopher Columbus, and Nicolaus Copernicus did back in their days.

Just as Paul Revere was a true American Patriot with his legendary ride, Kevin Frisbie’s delicious novel spins a cautionary tale of the financial world, and by documenting it in writing, it is my opinion he will save countless financial lives!

My hat is off to Kevin as he has put in writing many of the goals and desires that we try to accomplish on our weekly show. Job well done Kevin!

Peter "Coach Pete" D'Arruda Master Registered Financial Consultant (MRFC)

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